When the US military sends its own kids to college: A story of how a national security school could become a hotbed for domestic terrorism

When the United States sends its kids to school, it usually means they have to go somewhere that is less than the norm, and then they have the option of being sent to an exclusive private college, such as one in Pima.In many instances, the private college has a reputation for being a safe haven […]

How to watch NCAA tournament games live online for free in North America

NCAA college basketball tournament bracket preview: http://www.espn.com/major-college-basketball/ncaa-championship-races-predictions-seeding/article/id/105967/top-5-ncaac-champion-champs-in-2018-racket-rankings.html?fromSite=espn&fromSiteIndex=espnb.com#playlist_tournaments_ncaaclips source Reuters article NCAA tournament bracket: http://www.esportsworld.com/?page_id=5&news_feed=news&newsCategory=espni_tournament#ncaaweb_champions_rackets

California school wants to shut down all of its dorms after school closures

California’s school system has been trying to shut its entire campus down for a month to save money after it ran out of money for its high school classroom.The school district announced Friday that it was closing its campuses, starting with the Madison College campus in Berkeley, and that all students in the three campuses […]

How to get into San Diego State University?

San Diego state university will soon open its doors to anyone with an online degree or certificate.A new online degree will be the first online program at the state’s flagship public university, which also hosts a bachelor’s and master’s degree program in the same format. The university will begin accepting applicants at 4 p.m. local time […]

GOP senators are voting to ban all football games at the University of Texas at Arlington

Republicans on the University’s Board of Regents voted Thursday to ban games on the football field, and the state of Texas to host the 2019 football game.Texas Senate Bill 1110 passed the Senate Wednesday, and it is now headed to the Republican-controlled House, where it could face an uphill battle in getting through the House […]

Molloy College: Molloys students react to tragedy in west Belfast

Molloya College, in south Belfast, is a Catholic college which has been at the centre of the controversy following the recent death of a young woman at its gates.The tragedy happened on Saturday at 10:45pm when a young man was found dead at the gates of Mollooy College.The College’s secretary, Dr Alan Whelan, said it […]

This is the Bronx community’s response to the #GamerGate controversy

The Bronx Community College is in the middle of a heated debate over the video game industry’s ethics surrounding misogyny and harassment.On Wednesday, the school posted a letter to the students about the #gamergate controversy, with the letter addressing “the serious allegations of abuse and harassment against many individuals” and calling for a “zero tolerance […]


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