When it comes to college affordability, there are more college graduates in Ohio than you might think

Ohio is a land of opportunity.Its been home to some of the best colleges in the country for years.It’s also a place that’s been in the spotlight lately.And that’s led to some major changes in how college costs are being priced.In 2016, the state of Ohio passed a law aimed at making it more affordable […]

When the Jewish community loses hope, the state loses power

LAS VEGAS – A small group of Jewish students at the University of Arizona are taking their grievances to a bigger stage, by organizing a walkout of a conference to address rising anti-Semitism in the country.The group of about a dozen students at Laguardian Community College (LCC) in Phoenix have been protesting for weeks on […]

How to watch NCAA tournament games live online for free in North America

NCAA college basketball tournament bracket preview: http://www.espn.com/major-college-basketball/ncaa-championship-races-predictions-seeding/article/id/105967/top-5-ncaac-champion-champs-in-2018-racket-rankings.html?fromSite=espn&fromSiteIndex=espnb.com#playlist_tournaments_ncaaclips source Reuters article NCAA tournament bracket: http://www.esportsworld.com/?page_id=5&news_feed=news&newsCategory=espni_tournament#ncaaweb_champions_rackets

GOP senators are voting to ban all football games at the University of Texas at Arlington

Republicans on the University’s Board of Regents voted Thursday to ban games on the football field, and the state of Texas to host the 2019 football game.Texas Senate Bill 1110 passed the Senate Wednesday, and it is now headed to the Republican-controlled House, where it could face an uphill battle in getting through the House […]

‘You Can’t Just Throw Away the Best Year You Have’ — ‘You Have to Do It Again’

College admission officials in Maryland may have made a mistake in admitting students to the University of Maryland in 2011, the college’s chief academic officer said.“You can’t just throw away the best year you have,” said David Johnson, dean of admissions and admissions.The Maryland College Board has been reviewing admissions practices since the beginning of […]


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