When your name isn’t on your birth certificate, what can you do?

Miami, FL — A recent decision by Florida’s Palomar College to withhold birth certificates for birth parents of its undergraduate students from the public has led to the suspension of a public student’s enrollment and the loss of her scholarship.

A lawsuit filed last week claims that the Palomars “disregard the rights of students and the right of all people to participate in the educational process,” and that the university’s action violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection.

Palomar spokesperson Scott Rittman said in a statement to Medical News Day that the college had “made the best decision for the best interest of all of its students and alumni” and that “there is no justification” for the suspension.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff, identified only as “Jane Doe,” alleged that Palomaris refusal to recognize the names of her parents violated the U,S.

constitution’s guarantees of equal rights under the law.

Palomars first notice of Jane Doe’s lawsuit was issued last Friday, when it was discovered that the College had no record of Jane’s birth date and was not providing her with the information she requested.

The complaint, filed in federal court, contends that the suspension violates the Constitution’s Due Process Clause, which states that the Constitution “prohibits the States from denying to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

The suit was filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, which filed a similar lawsuit in California in 2016.

According to the lawsuit:Jane Doe was born in 1982 and has not received a Palomari transcript for at least five years, despite having received a certificate in 2017.

In the meantime, she has been unable to enroll in classes.

According the complaint, Jane Doe has been denied a federal Pell Grant and federal Pell grants have been withheld from other students who have been granted federal Pell Grants, as well as Pell scholarships.

According to the complaint Jane Doe is the first in the state to be denied her right to enroll, as the Palomas have denied other students the same right.

The lawsuit alleges that the school’s actions violated the Constitution, due process, and the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

In addition to the U., the complaint also alleges that Palomas’ action violates state and federal laws that require that all records of the birth of a child be preserved in the public record.


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