What’s next for the Nassau community colleges

Posted September 11, 2018 06:30:00 When the Nassua Community College Board voted to sell Nassau Community College in February, it was the first time the state had ever done so.

It was the culmination of an intense, almost five-year process, beginning with the city and county announcing their intentions to sell the school in early 2016.

The sale was the catalyst for the largest consolidation of public colleges in New York State history, with the sale of two dozen schools that took place in the next few years.

It also gave way to a major shift in how public colleges and universities operate, with more accountability and accountability for students, fewer private schools and more public funding.

It’s been a challenging time for NassauCommunity College, which was founded in 1961 as a Catholic college for low-income students.

In recent years, it has struggled financially as it struggled to stay relevant in the global marketplace.

And yet, the impact of the Nassauerbs sale on the community college has been profound.

In its first year, the community-college system received a $5.7 million grant from the state, a number that is expected to grow over time.

And the state’s investment is being used to support the creation of new colleges and schools in the coming years, with an estimated $1.3 billion for community colleges in the state over the next 20 years.

The impact on the Nassaus community colleges system will be profound, but it will also serve to strengthen the community and its future.

A New Beginning, an Incentive to GrowCommunity colleges are one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in New America, and the community colleges that are built around them provide a critical foundation for the state to expand its higher education system and to provide quality education for students in communities with limited resources.

One of the ways that Nassau County Community College System (NCCCS) has been able to grow has been through the use of a “community incentive fund,” or CIF, which provides incentives for students to enroll in college or career-focused courses.

The CIF was created in 2008, when Nassau was a predominantly Catholic, low-rise community in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s a program that has become a model for other communities across the country.

CIFs have become a cornerstone of many local governments’ efforts to expand higher education.

As the Nassas Community College system moves forward with a plan to expand in the future, it will be critical to find ways to expand CIF incentives for new students, faculty, and staff to further the growth of the community.

The CIF Program is designed to provide a pathway for students from low- and middle-income families to go to college.

The program has a $3.7 billion endowment and a $4.2 billion budget for its first five years, according to NCCCS.

This will allow the state and the county to continue investing in Nassau College as we continue to grow our economy.

In a recent meeting with the community, board members emphasized the importance of increasing the number of community colleges, which will allow us to better serve the community in ways that will benefit students and their families.

And, we are looking at a variety of options to do that.

One option would be to create a new program in which we would fund community colleges to create opportunities for students and families to get to college or continue their education in the city, rather than the county.

We want to do more for students than just funding them.

Another option would provide incentives for residents to choose community colleges over other options, such as private, for-profit institutions.

Another option would include expanding the CIF program to include the Nassamu County Community Colleges, a program launched in 2017 with an initial $3 million allocation from the State.

NCCCs is now working with the State to create an additional $1 billion in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

That funding will be available to the county, which is committed to serving the community better than ever.

With a new vision and an expanded budget, NCCC will continue to invest in its campuses, providing the resources necessary to continue serving the greater Nassau area.

For its students and the many students who make up the Nassaurans family, the Cif program is the foundation upon which we are built.

It is the source of our future and our future’s hope.

NCCCs commitment to expanding its campuses will also be the source for more than just a new CIF.

We will continue working with NCCC in a strategic partnership to increase enrollment at our colleges.

We have already started recruiting faculty and staff, and are in the process of recruiting new faculty and new staff to work with us in the areas of college leadership, mentorship, and more.

The board has also been engaged in a series of meetings with various community organizations to develop ways to work together to address


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