How to keep kids from being jerks to their friends

The saddest part of all this is that it wasn’t even the kids. 

The saddest thing about all this?

The parents. 

A new study found that parents of kids who had been bullied in middle school are more likely to be bullies themselves.

The researchers found that kids who grew up in families with high levels of victimization are more than twice as likely to go on to commit criminal acts.

And the researchers found, among other things, that these parents are more often in a position of power, often because they have control over how the kids spend their free time.

Parents with the least amount of power are more susceptible to bullying, the researchers say.

They are more at risk of being bullied themselves, because of the way their children are raised.

They tend to be less empathetic, and they have a history of being emotionally unstable.

The researchers say these children are often more likely than others to go to school alone, with no support.

In a new study, a group of parents with children who were bullied in the middle school years were more likely, in general, to blame themselves for the bullying behavior of their children.

As a group, parents with more control over their kids’ lives were more than three times more likely to blame themselves than their peers.

This pattern is not limited to bullying.

The study found parents of teens who had bullied others were more likely to blame their children for bullying themselves.

A family that had more control and less emotional instability was also more likely not to blame the bullying on their own children. 

And it was even more pronounced among those who were the least likely to blame.

The authors write that, among those children who had committed violent crimes, parents who were less likely to say that they themselves had caused the crime were three times as likely as those who had said they had caused it to be committed.

The researchers say that the findings provide some hope that some of the negative effects of bullying can be addressed by better parenting.

But, the authors warn, that this kind of evidence is “limited in nature.”

In the meantime, if you’ve been bullied, you can stop being so.

This article is from the September 15, 2018, issue of Politico Magazine.


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