The best universities in Australia

The Australian Government is set to boost the number of Australian universities in 2020 by 10 per cent, the Government has announced.

The increase will see the number increase from around 25,000 to 40,000.

In a move to tackle Australia’s “crisis of the university system”, the Government is now increasing the number from 25,001 to 40 and the number to 30,000, Minister for Higher Education and Training, Mathias Cormann, said on Monday.

“We want to provide our students with the world-class education they deserve.

We are committed to providing our universities with the funds they need to meet this mandate,” Mr Cormann said.

Mr Cormann made the announcement during a visit to the state’s largest university, Sydney’s Macquarie University, in which he met with university leaders and academics.

The Government has also announced the launch of a new program to support the “brave and innovative” university.

This new “Brave and Innovative” program will allow Australian students to apply to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program at a newly established Australian university.

This new program will be led by the School of Education, Innovation and Technology and the School and College of Education.

Under the new program, applicants will have the option of pursuing a Bachelor degree, Associate degree or an Doctor of Education (DED) degree, and be eligible for a scholarship to a full-time Australian university or college.

The new program also includes an online application process.

Professor Scott Hargreaves, a professor at Macquare, said he believed the new plan would provide a much needed boost to Australia’s education system.

“[The Government] have been very consistent with what they want to achieve,” Professor Hargle said.

“I think they are taking a risk by doing this now, so we’ll see how it plays out, but it will make a huge difference.”

The new university will be set up in partnership with the Macquary and will be funded by the Government.

Professors Hargel and Hargie said the program would provide an opportunity for students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, which will be available to them at a four-year college, while also enabling them to pursue an Associate degree, or an Education in Government degree, at a university.

“We’re looking at it as a really important first step,” Prof Harga said.

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