How to fix a broken smartphone: how to get rid of battery life

Posted March 11, 2018 09:50:55When I first got my iPhone 5, I noticed that it seemed to run really slowly.For the first few weeks, I just didn’t get a noticeable slowdown.After a couple of weeks, it seemed like the battery life was slowly getting better.However, the battery was still getting very low.After reading this article, […]

How much does the NCAA have to pay to keep Kenyon College afloat?

Kenyon’s Board of Trustees voted Monday to put the school on the hook for a staggering $15.3 million to keep it afloat, a sum that the college is asking for in exchange for an emergency bailout from the state of Mississippi.The school, which began in 1868, has been struggling for years.Its enrollment has dwindled to […]

Why are university students taking the plunge?

Universities in England have long struggled to attract new students.And they’re struggling with a new reality: the cost of attending a university is rising faster than the revenue it generates.The average UK university costs more than £30,000 a year to attend, according to the Universities Association, while the average cost of a year at a […]

How to vote for the BCS national championship on November 7, 2019

BCS championship games are the last of the great football events that will decide who wins the national championship and who loses it.We have already had two big games: the Rose Bowl and the Cotton Bowl.And now, the Pac-12’s BCS Championship game will be played in front of a crowd of a million people.That’s because […]

5 things we learned from the #BarnardCollege football game

The #Bartel College football team took down #1 Arizona State University 42-7 to take a 1-0 lead over #2 UCLA. The #BARTel team has been on a tear and has been playing at a high level in all competitions over the last month. In this game, #1 UCLA was a much different team from the ones that […]

What is ‘vassar’? And how does it compare to other college options?

With over 300,000 students enrolled in more than a dozen colleges across the United States, Vassar College in Daytona, Florida, offers a wide range of courses from the arts and humanities to music, film and design.Vassars’ curriculum spans a broad spectrum from college courses like Art and Design to the more academic fields of Film, […]

How a high school football coach saved his high school from the scourge of homelessness

By the time Allan Hancock College took over the college basketball arena in April, it was already the highest-ranked high school in Colorado and one of the hottest prospects in the state of Texas.The school was led by head coach Allan Hancock, a former assistant at Colorado State University who also had a career in […]

How to watch the college admissions scandal: A college admissions guide

When Cornell University officials announced in April that more than 20,000 students would not be admitted to the school’s prestigious College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the news drew a national outcry.Some faculty and students questioned the decision and said the decision would hurt the school.But on Thursday, Cornell announced that it would admit the […]


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