New York University, New York State colleges to allow students to attend classes without transcripts

NEW YORK — New York State’s colleges and universities announced Monday that they would allow students with transcripts from classes held in other states to take classes at their own schools without having to submit them to state authorities.

The announcement came in response to a state law that passed in May, requiring all public colleges and university campuses to provide transcripts from their online classes to state agencies.

The New York Department of Education said in a statement that the state Department of Financial Services will now have access to transcripts for classes held at colleges and in-person programs.

It will also have the option to review and review the transcripts to make sure they meet the requirements.

The state has been struggling to meet its deadlines in meeting the deadline for providing transcripts for online classes.

The last time a state agency had to provide a transcript was in 2013.

In recent months, the state has taken steps to meet the deadline.

In February, it opened the state’s new online college credit program, which allowed students to use the state to enroll at their local college.

It also expanded online credit for students who don’t live in the state.

The new law also required colleges and schools to provide students with a letter from a lawyer stating that they are legally authorized to use their own records to verify that they have been in a state college or university.

In a statement, the governor said the new law was necessary to ensure that students in New York state have access not only to state college transcripts, but also to their transcripts when they register to attend an online or in-class class.

“Our goal is to make it easy for students to get in touch with their state college with the best online and in class opportunities for them, and to help make sure that our public colleges have the resources they need to meet this goal,” Cuomo said.

This story has been updated to include Cuomo’s statement and the new requirement.


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