How to get a job at the world’s top academy of football

I just wanted to tell you that I have never been a big fan of a school or a college, and that I was a big soccer fan.

I always thought that soccer was more of a team sport and the academy was more focused on developing a talent than a soccer player.

But now I am a soccer fan because I have the opportunity to attend Laguardias academy and to play for the best in Europe.

So, it is definitely a dream come true for me.

The Laguarones academy has a reputation for producing players who are top class, and it is in my opinion that this is not a myth.

I had the opportunity for the first time to watch the national team train and I was surprised by how much energy they put into the training.

This was not just the national side training, but also the team training and the training in the stadium, which is something I never saw at any other academy in the world.

The most exciting thing about the Laguars academy is that I got to meet some of the players and watch the games.

In addition, I got a chance to see the first training sessions of the season and also to see some of their games, so it was an awesome experience for me to watch and learn from the top players.

I was really happy to have the chance to spend some time with these guys and to learn from them.

In particular, the captain, I think, is a very talented player and the first player to play in the Ligue 1.

He is very experienced, but he has a very nice style and the way he plays is very important to him.

I really liked him, and I would like to thank him for this opportunity and for making me a fan of Laguards football club.

The second player that I would say is a special player is Jordi.

He started his career in the Spanish first division and he has been playing for a very long time.

At first, I was not a big believer in him, but then I watched him play and the difference he makes when he plays with his teammates and when he is in possession.

I can’t wait to see how he develops with Laguares senior team.

Finally, I would also like to mention the head coach, Jose Antonio Rangel, who I would not have known if I had not been watching him play.

He was a very intelligent coach who is very technical and he is very good with the ball.

I would have liked to see more of that, but we have a good team and I hope we can bring him the success that he deserves.

I am sure that this academy will help him reach his goals and become a great coach in the future.

I would also mention the manager, Luis, who is a great person.

He does everything that is asked of him and he does it well.

I have been lucky to have played with him for a long time and I feel like he knows what he is doing.

He also has a great personality and he speaks his mind and is very passionate about his players.

The academy has always had a good atmosphere, and the coaches have always done a great job in keeping the players focused.

In fact, they have helped me a lot to understand and improve my game.

I will give my all to this academy and I am really looking forward to playing for the national squad.

The academy has produced some very promising players and the next step for me is to be one of them.

I hope that I can contribute to the national football team and show that I am capable of doing the same.

I am sure, though, that I will do my best to make a difference on the pitch, too.

I want to contribute to my club and the national game and I think I can play a big role.

I think it will be good for my career and also for Laguarios and the club.

I need to give my best every time I play.

I want to thank all of my teammates for the hard work they put in to improve my career, and for being a great family.

I love this club, and as I am now in my 30s, I want my time in football to come to an end and to retire from playing football.

I thank my family for their patience and support.


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